Designer Salaries

A designer is someone who prepares the blueprint or design of an object before it is actually manufactured, by sketching or planning the shape or structure of it beforehand. Inventors, architects and even designers often enlist the help of a designer in one way or another in their quest to create new and innovative objects. A designer can come from any background in design; he can be an engineer, an architect or someone who specializes in creative art work. Designers can work in the fields of apparel, furniture, accessories, fashion and product design.


The average designer’s hourly wage ranges from thirty cents an hour to one dollar an hour. This wage is generally calculated on a case by case basis, as every project will have its own set of circumstances that affect its cost. The designer’s wages can also depend on the type of material that he is using; he might have to use costly materials if his project involves using special and expensive computer software.

The most common designer salary is between fifteen and twenty dollars an hour, but this depends mostly on the type of material that the designer uses during his projects. Some designers create very intricate and detailed designs, while others create simpler and more geometric designs. Some designers create unique and unconventional ideas, while others create timeless classics that are still loved by many people. The type of designer one works for can also determine the amount he earns in an hour; some designers earn considerably more than twenty dollars an hour. However, it should be noted that most graphic designers have fixed working hours, and they may only receive a certain number of hours per week, depending on their assignment.

There are different areas where fashion designers can find work. Women’s fashion designers create clothing for both men and women, while fashion designer men usually focus on creating clothing for either gender. Alternative fashion designers create unique and original designs that fall outside of the traditional fashion industry. Finally, sports designer clothing is designed for particular sports, such as running, biking, golf, tennis, and track running.

Industrial designers range from electrical and industrial engineers to fashion and design professionals who create clothing for large or small manufacturing companies. Industrial designers can find jobs in clothing wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors. Most of them begin their careers as an assistant to designers and later take on their jobs as designers. The average industrial designer makes between fifteen and twenty-five dollars an hour, which includes the cost of working clothes and other equipment.

As stated earlier, there are various designer job areas available. This article only provides an overview of the most popular designer job areas. For more information, it would be advisable to contact a recruitment agency, as it has extensive experience in the field and can provide valuable information on job openings in the fashion industry. In addition, agencies can help you find the best positions and arrange for you to meet potential designers while looking at your skills, abilities, and portfolio.